VIP Collection - Kaiju Talisman

怪獣のお守り harness their power and prepare to face a power unknown...

The Kaiju Talisman is a collection of 666 NFTs offering holders exclusive VIP benefits, with an optional upgrade path to obtain new perks. 
Only those worthy enough shall obtain the fully upgraded "Evolved Talisman" and gain access to the mysterious Kaiju Lair.

Who knows what lies inside...

Kaiju Talisman NFT:

  • One free claimable NFT, per upcoming drop†
  • WL for each drop‡
  • $ENRG Staking Boost (+50% on your Madzilla)
  • Exclusive Discord role and private channel access
  • Customized Talisman PFP
  • Optional roadmap to gain 5 additional benefits
    • Once fully upgraded, gain access to the Kaiju Lair to obtain the Gift of Kaiju.

Gem of Power

On your journey, you will need to gather 5 gem shards. These are necessary to restore the Gem of Power.

  • Each shard correlates to a new benefit for your Talisman, totaling 5 added benefits + access to the Kaiju Lair

  • Each shard will have it’s own prerequisites in order to obtain.

†Claim your NFT on our website. Yes, this is cumulative. Each Talisman = 1 free NFT. ‡Applies per wallet, (regardless of number held) as we will take a snapshot.

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