Kaiju Castle

Kaiju Castle - 2,500 Supply

Lost in time, these Castles were once thrones of the Kaiju.

Provide $ENRG to these Castles to resume where the ancient Kaiju left off...

These Castles are the only way to obtain true Kaiju $POWR.


Earn 1 $POWR token per day, for each castle that you own.

Booster Slots

All Castles have four booster slots to increase $POWR production

Activation Cost

  • Option 1: 3,000 $ENRG + 300 USDC
  • Option 2: 6,000 $ENRG + 100 USDC
  • Option 3: 9,000 $ENRG + 0 USDC

Monthly Maintenance

Each Castle will require an upkeep of 1000 $ENRG to remain afloat.

If you fail to provide $ENRG, the castle will enter a cooldown phase (No rewards earned) and it will eventually anchor itself back into the ground below. Pay the maintenance to resume rewards.

Should you fail to do so, you must reactive under the initial Activation Cost.

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