Welcome to Kaiju of Cronos


What is Kaiju of Cronos

Kaiju of Cronos aims to bring a fresh twist on the "traditional" NFT project by bridging IRL business and assets together within the Kaiju ecosystem, to create a long lasting sustainable future with everlasting growth.

What is a Kaiju?

"Kaiju" is a genre in Japanese films featuring **"giant monsters,"** but most commonly refers to the giant monsters themselves. Kaiju are sometimes depicted attacking cities, engaging in conflict with the military, or battling other Kaiju. They have also been depicted as autonomous creatures capable of positive effects.

Our goals for this project include:

  • Deliver a rewarding community to our holders
  • Bridge IRL business and assets into the NFT space
  • Unite Cronos NFT projects and communities
  • Develop on-chain tools to elevate the ecosystem
  • Much more...

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