...fueled by rage to correct the damage done to its saurian brethren...

The Madzilla are a randomly generated collection of 6,666 NFTS that serve as the core of the Kaiju of Cronos Ecosystem.
The only way to obtain true Kaiju $POWR, is by befriending the Madzilla.

Madzilla NFTs:

  • 15-30 $ENRG per day†
  • 4 Mini Kaiju Booster slots
  • 1 Kaiju Talisman slot

Use $ENRG to play games, purchase items from the Kaiju Marketplace and even build your very own Kaiju Castle!

Madzilla Rarity $ENRG Boost (Base $ENRG earned Per Day)

Rank 1-10 (Legendary): 40 $ENRG

Rank 11-50: 30 $ENRG

Rank 51-100: 22.5 $ENRG

Rank 101-1000: 18.75 $ENRG

Rank 1001-2000: 16.5 $ENRG

Rank 2001-3000: 15.75 $ENRG

Rank 3001-4000: 15.6 $ENRG

Rank 4001-5000: 15.45 $ENRG

Rank 5001-6000: 15.3 $ENRG

Rank 6001-6666: 15.15 $ENRG

†Must be staked. Base amount of $ENRG per day, is based on MADZilla rarity

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