Gems (Shards) of Power


The Kaiju Masters of the past wielded the Daikaiju Talisman against the malevolent Kaiju. 
After nearly being wiped out, the Masters made one final attempt to drive back the Kaiju, and thus the Gem of Power shattered into pieces.

It is now up to you to gather these shards and restore the Talisman to venture into the Kaiju Lair. Within the core of the Talisman lies a Gem, once returned to its former glory, it manifests into the key to obtaining true Kaiju Power.

Talisman Upgrade #1

You must gain the trust of the Madzillas, after befriending 6 of them, they will allow you the opportunity to take possession of the Gem Shard they are protecting.
Be warned, the shards require a great deal of Kaiju ENRG to withstand its touch.


  • Own 6 Madzillas
  • Relinquish $ENRG
    • Option 1: 666 $ENRG + 100 USDC
    • Option 2: 1333 $ENRG + 33 USDC
    • Option 3: 2000 $ENRG + 0 USDC


Double your Talisman's staking Boost.

50% -> 100%!


Talisman Upgrades #2-5 - TBA

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